Memory Clean 3: Free Up Memory App Reviews

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It does it’s job, but...

I don’t normally write reviews… this is an exception: When I want an app to not bother me, that’s what I want. This app behaves badly in that area. When it began nagging me too much, I finally set the prefs to not launch the app at login. Unfortunately, it ignores my preferences and still launches. (and no, it wasn't in my OS login items.) I had also set the prefs to not display in the menu bar, but guess what? Still shows up. Not immediately but eventually. I finally just had to uninstall it and I’m using a competitor’s product that works just as well but nags me a whole lot less “and" respects my preference settings. I’ll try it again in a few months to see if it’s still a recalcitrant app. I really want it to be less “naggy” as I don’t need a lot of distractions when I’m trying to work or even at play. BTW, My system is in great working order and I’m a VERY experienced user... in IT professionally since 1982.

This App Saved My Life

Ok, not literally. But this Memory Clean app has been a huge help and has kept my Mac running fast. It’s a game changer.

Memory Clean 3

Does everything is claims to do - I havent had a screen lock since it was installed.

Memory Cleaner 3 Review

As it stands today this app has been there for me. I need as much as I can get of 32 gigs as possible for my DAW. It’s really been steady and I appreciate the lastest bug fixes. Keep up the good work. I would recommend this app. John

Amazing APP

By the time I’ve run my images through Lightroom, Photoshop and 3rd party plug-ins, this product is so invaluble to clean up RAM and I have 32GB on board but it shrinks when these application hogs consume so much. I couldn’t work without this product. Kudos to the programmers.

Just keeps getting better. Great utility.

I have a Mac Book Pro from 2011 with i7 processor and 8 GB ram. I have been advised that I can’t add more ram so I purchased Memory clean 3 to free up memory that was being wased by programs not in use. I can’t say enought good about this program. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep as much ram available as possible. MC3 works great.

My 2010 iMac 27” Has Improved Performance

It’s been a few days since I bought, installed and used this app. I’ve been having a helluva time getting my Word Processing app’s PAGES in particular to work without stalling. I’ve been under a publishing deadline and the writing app’s stalling was literally prohibiting me from finshing. I came across this and bought the app within a couple of hours after “Cleaning” and “Extreme Cleaning” the app started working without pausing. There’s definitely a befroe and after performance boost here. Good job.

Slick and easy

Excellent utility; reclaiming memory can have significant impact! Works beautifully; no problems at all. Indispensable.

Great App for Mac

I have been using several memory usage app, and this Memory clean 3 is the most nice app it never make my mac free but clean my mac memory instantly ~ ! it works well on background ~ :) Waiting for more good and better update to come !

Speeds up my Mac!

This not only cleans the memory for operation of the computer offline, it also speeds up loading of pages online. It is the best program for Mac out there! And the automatic cleaning feature is great after using an app that uses a lot of RAM.

Slow iMac 27” 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 22 GB DDR3

I really like my big screen iMac 27” from mid 2011. I have poor vision so the large screen allows me to see small text. But my iMac has progressively slowed down to the point where I stopped using it, because it takes a long time to just start executing a command. I tried everything to speed up my iMac to where it was when I had first purchased it in late 2012. I increased my RAM from 6 GB to 22 GB, I deleted my travel photos and freed up my hard disk memory to 885 GB available (it is a 1 TB hard drive). I have been using memory clean for about 3 years and I recently purchased the updated Memory Clean 3. I cannot say that I notice an improvement. Memory Clean 3 seem to work about the same as the free Memory Clean original version I had been using. My iMac is usable now but still slow. But I like watching David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia on a big iMac 27” screen.

Not as great as advertised

For best results the user must initiate the cleaning process. The program does free up some memory but leaves 20-30%

Apps That Work

This is one of three apps I use that work and do what it claims to do. the other two are ‘CCleaner’ and ‘Malwarebytes’. With these three working in conjunction my MacBook Pro runs flawlessly. Thank you.

OMG amazing

This solved all my problems with spinning wheel and “out of memory” messages. Even though I have 32gb of memory, I was experiencing major slowdowns. It’s amazing how much memory mail and other apps eat up when not closed. No downside. I absolutely 1000% recommend Memory Clean 3. Lifesaver.

Even better than the last version!

I love thant it tells you how much memory you gained everytime you close an app!

Does the Trick!

Great little utility for clearing out RAM. Love it!

Memory Clean 3 the ultimate memory cleaner

Absolutely the best memory cleaner for Macks macbook pro i tried 1 &2 but 3 is hands down the best the cleaner frees up so much memory its insane i was skeptical after using for 3 weeks now i seen a major difference on my mabook pro touch bar 👌 10 stars from me if you want to free up your mac from memory hog apps then this is the app for you!!!!!

Excellent memory management tool

I used Memory Clean 1 and 2 previously and considered rather long and hard before purchasing Memory Clean 3. I thought Memory Clean 2 was about as useful as a memory management tool could be. Nevertheless, I obtained Memory Clean 3. I am not sure that it does anything more in freeing up memory than its predecessors, but wow does it help me with application management. I usually have multiple apps open, switching back and forth between them. I often forget to close an app when I finish with it thinking that I may still use it. Memory Clean 3 reminds me that it is still open and unused (I can set the time interval). I close the app, and Memory Clean 3 returns the memory to the operating system. You say Mac OS X does that anyway. Yes, it does. But Memory Clean 3 returns much more memory than just the memory allocated to the app. While I don't know the internals of Memory Clean 3, it appears to not only return the memory allocated to the app, but also memory allocation for buffers, caches, etc. (I use Extreme Clean). Having performed these tasks, it then tells me how much memory it freed up. For comparison purposes I can check Activity Monitor versus what Memory Clean 3 says it returned to the system. (I assume Memory Clean 3 is truthful.). Two major points here. First, memory freeing is dynamic and automatic as is Mac OS X but to a greater extent. Second, I maintain a larger amount of unallocated memory at all times because I am dynamically and automatically running Extreme Clean with the closing of each app. I don't have to do anything except close the app if I'm finished with it - which I would do anyway. Incidentally, if I have multiple apps that I want to leave open all day, I am able to add them to an exception list in Memory Clean 3 thereby eliminating spurious notifications. So back to my opening sentence. Memory Clean 3 appears to be the same as Memory Clean 2 in terms of managing memory. However, the dynamic and automatic aspects as well as the reminder elements make Memory Clean 3 much superior to Memory Clean 2. If you don't have a memory management tool, please seriously consider Memory Clean 3. I believe you'll be very pleased with your purchase.

An incredible problem solver

I’ve used the previous iterations of this product and now am using Version 3. It simply keeps wasted RAM to a minimum and therefore keeps my Macs running at top speed. Years ago I did a project using a Mac to run a display in a museum. The Mac ran 24/7. The software we were using had a memory leak that consumed RAM and eventually crashed the Mac every few days. In the end we had to program the Mac to shutdown and restart at 3AM everynight to clear the RAM. This solved the proablem… the hard way. I’m convicted this software would have been effective for clearing the RAM which would have saved me thousands of dollars in travel and troubleshooting time! Your mileage may vary but I love this app!!

aeasy to use

Really enjoy this app. Can’t stop recommending it

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